Pen Boxes


JerTan has added some new pen boxes to their product line. The Single and Oval Pen Boxes are available in Rosewood or Maple and like the popular Classic Pen Boxes - are elegant in appearance. The Triangular Pen Boxes, also available in either Rosewood or Maple, are a new stylistic twist on pen boxes. With their edgy, angular appearance, the Triangular Pen Boxes are sure to become very popular. Also new to the product line are the Clear Acrylic Pen Boxes. This pen box is crafted to contain any standard pen - the white base and clear lid will make any pen stand out. Continuing in the pen box line, are the ever popular Classic Pen Boxes, available in both double or single pen sizes and Maple or Rosewood. You can also choose from the Folding Pen Boxes which, when unfolded, will reveal one or two pens. The Folding Pen Box, crafted from both Rosewood and Maple remains a favorite.